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Founder and owner Patrick Lynch is a retired Army Green Beret and former Marine Sniper. Originally from Chicago, he transplanted to Northern Virginia where he has set down roots with his daughter, Penelope. Other than making man-glitter (sawdust), he enjoys anything outdoors, his two dogs, Bailey & Logan, and most of all being a dad.



What is a wood-shop without a pint-sized assistant?! Penny has been working with dad since she was five years old making her own projects. Besides navigating the treachery of the fifth grade, she enjoys walking her dogs, playing basketball, soccer and travelling the world (Ireland & Iceland were her last destinations). 


Bailey & Logan

Bailey (German Shepherd) and Logan (Chocolate Lab) are P.O.W.'s resident "mongrels". When not chasing Canadian Geese or squirrels, they spend most of their time wondering when their next walk or meal is going to be.